Photo Round Up!!

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while since I have blogged and I feel rather bad about that so I am going to post a photo blog here and try to get caught up! And then be posting more frequently. 

 Beautiful Waterfalls in Connecticut!  
Praise God! He has blessed us and met all of our needs this whole journey. 

  Sometimes the trail walks through people’s property.   
Corn Feilds Before we climb Mt. Greylock 

   I loved the fire towers in Vermont!!
  The view that inspired the whole trail atop Stratton Mountain. Double Selfie!!  
Beautiful Blue Skies!

 Always great when family comes to visit!!   
Moose Mountain! But still no moose..

   Mt. Cube was all rock. Very nice early morning climb.   
Mt. Moosilauke, the first of the White Mountains.  

Kinsman Mountain! 

  Mt. Lafayette  from a distance 
  Little Haystack Mounatain looking at Mount Lincoln.  

 When there aren’t trees and blazes cairns guide our way.   
The view from Mt. Lafayette 

  A Gorgeous Mount Garfeild Sunset  
Now in this one, if you look close, you can see the stars!!

   This is my favorite photo so far!! Climbing Washington.    
Atop Mount Washington 

   The fog was blowing over the mountain so hard it began to accumulate in my beard and dripping off my whiskers.  
 The trail down Washington in the fog!  

  Looking back at the Presidentials   Wildcat Mountain
 Coming over Wildcat in a sea of clouds.  

 Clouds make photos awesome!   
Sometimes we get ladders!! 

 We camped on the rocks right between The South and  North peak of Baldpate! Could feel the warmth radiating out of the rock slab we slept on
Trail?? Yes, not always made of dirt. 

    Camp on the rocks selfie style
Beautiful Sunday Morning Sunrise!!


The AT, what a journey!  

  1 Truck, 10 Hikers, and countless memories. 

  The Horn Of Saddleback, spending some time out of the green tunnel basking in the sun. 

When you get board, go take a hike.   

  This canoe actually is the trail and has a blaze on it to cross the Kennebec River. 
 Enjoy the quiet and stillness of nature
 Rivers must be crossed

   Yes that is my dad behind me in the fog!   
 WHAT?!?! Chairs??? With backs??? Relaxing??? Yes sometimes we do get a little recovery time. This time at Shaw’s Hostel with Tonreg. 

   Climbing the Bigelows!
 Breathing in Maine.   
 This was a sight, float planes flying overhead in formation. 

 Got to step out and get the shot!  
Naturely I took a selfie crossing a river, as one does. Shortly after I slipped and fell in and got my pack all wet but everything inside stayed dry! Good times. 

  Trail Magic in the 100 mile wilderness!! 2 rootbeers 2 chicken breast 1 cheeseburger 1 chocolate bar

 Where’s the trail??

Beautiful mossy forests  

Another river ford 


Home for the night with the trail fam! This photo includes Cruise Control!



Trail family! Low profile bottom right and Tonreg top right climbing White Cap Mountain  
Thank you all so much for following the journey!! For more updates follow on Instagram: @bennettfisher @hikeforjulie or follow me on Facebook! Talk to you soon!

– Jolly



Happy 2 weeks AT!

Well we have been on the trail for 14 days now!! It feels good to see the miles are starting to add up! We are up to 160 miles!!! Here are some of the highlights since we have been back on the trail…

  Awesome bridge on our first day back!! 
  Beautiful view over looking the highway. 

  The most amazing women that came and rescued us on the side of the road and gave us showers and food and encouragement!! Thank you so much!!!

  The feeling of hiking to a lookout and seeing a view that can only be seen by walking up a mountain is an incredible feeling. 

  The most beautiful campsite on day 10 ⛺️

  The view the next morning!

  Yes this really is part of the trail!!

  Hiking all day and this one view was totally worth it all. 

  Overlooking God’s wonderful creation. 

  Made it out of New York and into Connecticut!! 

 This is what Happy Hikers look like!  

This is what happy feet look like!!

Thank you all for the prayers and support!! You all are amazing and I am so grateful for all of you!! 

Until next time…

The Wilderness is Beautiful. 

Hello everyone! I am doing great out here and it is beautiful! I want to start out by thanking everyone for all the prayers and support it really truly means a lot!! 

Today I am going to post some of my favorite pictures so far so that you can share in the adventure. 

 The View From Katahdin was amazing!


This was our home for the night on day 3!   

The view of Katahdin and how far we have been on day 4 

   We have met some wonderful people already that are so nice and supportive!

As with any good adventure plans change but the destination and journey remains and we are taking a few zero days to meet my sister and catch up with her since she has been out of the country! Then from there we are doing what is called a flip flop and will be heading down to New York and hiking back north to where we got off the trail. But no worries all 2189 miles will be walked! Just in a way that won’t kill us! Thank you again for all the support and if you want to know more about what we are doing check out my dad’s blog. 

I’m just gonna walk

In less than a week my dad and I begin our 2,189 mile journey atop Mt. Katahdin and for the next 5 months we will walk. 

So as the journey has come closer more and more people have asked me “what if questions” like what if you see a bear, what if you run out of food, what if you get hurt, what if… It goes on and on and I always answer with “I’m just gonna walk” because in the big picture that is all I will be doing for 5 months. I don’t like to think about all the what if questions because all that will create is worry and that will tear you apart so I always answer “I am just gonna walk” and if no matter what happens we keep walking we will finish.

My biggest fear is to not finish, for something to happen and I can’t make it another step, but my motivation to keep going is much greater, Julie. Whenever I see her I just want to do anything I can to help her, she is a twin and her sister is the most joyful kid I have ever met and as I look at her and then look back to Julie I want to to do whatever I can so that one day there can be two joyful, adorable, precious little girls running around and if all I have to do is walk everyday then “I’m just gonna walk.” With your help this can be something that can change the world. 

Thank you so much for the prayers and support! You all are wonderful!! 


This is where it begins. 

Hello everyone, this is the start of a very exciting journey in my life that hopefully will impact yours and many little girls around the world with Rett Syndrome as well. From the outside this may just look like a father and his son walking 2189 miles from Maine to Georgia, but to the two hiking it (me and my dad) this is something big. Something that can change lives with your help. So from here, where the journey begins, follow me as I share our adventures, struggles, triumphs, blessings, and hope for a cure. Let the journey begin.